Interface JDBCAggregateListener

All Superinterfaces:
AggregateListener, Serializable

public interface JDBCAggregateListener
extends AggregateListener

JDBC extension to the AggregateListener.

Abe White

Method Summary
 void appendTo(SQLBuffer buf, FilterValue[] args, ClassMapping mapping, JDBCStore store)
          Append the SQL for this aggregate.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps.AggregateListener
evaluate, expectsArguments, getTag, getType

Method Detail


void appendTo(SQLBuffer buf,
              FilterValue[] args,
              ClassMapping mapping,
              JDBCStore store)
Append the SQL for this aggregate.

buf - the SQL buffer to append to
args - the values of the arguments given in the filter, or null if this listener doesn't expect arguments
mapping - the class mapping for the query's candidate class
store - the store that owns the query

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