Interface ConnectionDecorator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDB2Dictionary, AbstractSQLServerDictionary, AccessDictionary, CacheDictionary, ConfiguringConnectionDecorator, DB2Dictionary, DBDictionary, DerbyDictionary, EmpressDictionary, FirebirdDictionary, FoxProDictionary, H2Dictionary, HSQLDictionary, InformixDictionary, InterbaseDictionary, JDataStoreDictionary, JDBCEventConnectionDecorator, LoggingConnectionDecorator, MySQLDictionary, OracleDictionary, PointbaseDictionary, PostgresDictionary, SQLServerDictionary, SybaseDictionary

public interface ConnectionDecorator

A connection decorator can wrap Connections before they are returned to the user to add functionality.

Abe White

Method Summary
 Connection decorate(Connection conn)
          Decorate the given connection if desired.

Method Detail


Connection decorate(Connection conn)
                    throws SQLException
Decorate the given connection if desired.


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