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Coherence Server: Configuration: Server Start

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Node Manager is a WebLogic Server utility that you can use to start, suspend, shut down, and restart servers in normal or unexpected conditions. Use this page to configure the startup settings that Node Manager will use to start this Coherence server on a remote machine.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Java Home

The Java home directory (path on the machine running Node Manager) to use when starting this server.

Specify the parent directory of the JDK's bin directory. For example, c:\bea\jdk141.

MBean Attribute:

Java Vendor

The Java Vendor value to use when starting this server; for example, BEA, Sun, HP etc .

If the server is part of a cluster and configured for automatic migration across possibly different platforms with different vendors providing the JDKs, then, both JavaVendor and JavaHome should be set in the generated configuration file instead.

MBean Attribute:

BEA Home

The BEA home directory (path on the machine running Node Manager) to use when starting this server.

Specify the directory on the Node Manager machine under which all of Oracle's BEA products were installed. For example, c:\Oracle\Middleware\.

MBean Attribute:

Root Directory

The directory that this server uses as its root directory. This directory must be on the computer that hosts the Node Manager. If you do not specify a Root Directory value, the domain directory is used by default.

MBean Attribute:

Class Path

The classpath (path on the machine running Node Manager) to use when starting this server.

If you need to add user classes to the classpath, in addition you will need to add the following: FEATURES_HOME/weblogic.server.modules.coherence.server_10.3.4.0.jar:COHERENCE_HOME/lib/coherence.jar

where FEATURES_HOME is the features directory (typically $MW_HOME/modules/features) and COHERENCE_HOME the coherence directory (typically $MW_HOME/coherence_3.6) on the Node Manager machine. If you do not specify a classpath the above will be used automatically.

The operating system determines which character separates path elements. On Windows, use a semicolon (;). On UNIX a colon (:).

MBean Attribute:


The arguments to use when starting this server.

These are the first arguments appended immediately after java portion of the startup command. For example, you can set Java heap memory or specify any weblogic.nodemanager.server.provider.WeblogicCacheServer option.

Separate arguments with a space.

MBean Attribute:

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