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Coherence Servers: Configure

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Coherence servers are stand-alone cache servers, dedicated JVM instances responsible for maintaining and managing cached data.

This page displays the Coherence server configurations that have been created in this domain.

Column Display

You can show fewer or additional data points on this page by expanding Customize this table and modifying the Column Display list. Each data point displays in its own table column.

The following table lists all of the data points that you can display in columns on this page.

Name Description

Name of this Coherence server configuration.


Name of the Coherence cluster associated with this server.


Name of the machine associated with this server.

Unicast Listen Address

The IP address for the cluster unicast listener.

This attribute may be used to override the value of the referenced Coherence cluster.

MBean Attribute:

Unicast Listen Port

The port for the cluster unicast listener.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 1

Maximum value: 65535

Unicast Port Auto Adjust

Specifies whether the unicast port will be automatically incremented if the port cannot be bound because it is already in use.

MBean Attribute:

Restart Interval

The number of seconds during which this server can be restarted, up to the number of times specified in RestartMax.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 300

Maximum value: 2147483647

Restart Max

The number of times that the Node Manager can restart this server within the interval specified in RestartIntervalSeconds.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 2147483647

Restart Delay

The number of seconds the Node Manager should wait before restarting this server.

After killing a server process, the system might need several seconds to release the TCP port(s) the server was using. If Node Manager attempts to restart the Managed Server while its ports are still active, the startup attempt fails.

If AutoMigration is enabled and RestartDelaySeconds is 0, the RestartDelaySeconds is automatically set to the lease time. This prevents the server from failing to restart after migration when the previous lease is still valid.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 2147483647

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