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This page describes the configuration information that is currently defined in the deployment plan for the selected module or component.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Session cookies max age (in seconds)

The life span of the session cookie (in seconds) after which it expires on the client.

The value '-1' indicates that the cookie will persist until the client's browser shuts down.

Session Invalidation Interval (in seconds)

The time (in seconds) that WebLogic Server waits between doing house-cleaning checks for timed-out and invalid sessions, and deleting the old sessions and freeing up memory.

Session Timeout (in seconds)

The amount of time (in seconds) that a session can remain inactive before it is invalidated.

Debug Enabled

Enable debugging information for this session

Maximum in-memory Sessions

The maximum number of sessions to retain in memory.

The value '-1' indicates that there is no limit.

Monitoring Attribute Name

Specifies the name of a session attribute which is tagged with session information. For example, if this value is set to username, then the username attribute is guaranteed to be unique.

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