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Resource Adapter: Admin Objects

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This page contains a table of administered object (Admin Object) groups and instances for this resource adapter.

If no Admin Object groups are defined for this resource adapter, nothing is displayed in the table, and the New and Delete buttons are grayed out.

Automatically generated Admin Objects are not displayed in the table.

Admin Object groups are defined in <admin-objects> elements of the ra.xml and weblogic-ra.xml deployment descriptor files for an adapter. You cannot create or delete them in the Administration Console. However, you can create and delete Admin Object instances for an existing Admin Object group. To create a new instance in a group, select the group, then click New. To delete an instance, select it and then click Delete.

To display existing Admin Object group configuration information, click the top level leaves in the tree. To display configuration information for an instance of an Admin Object group, click the subleaves within a group.

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