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Persistence: Plugins: LRU Query Cache

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This page shows the attributes of an LRU query cache.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Cache Size

The maximum number of query results to keep hard references to. If the hard reference cache is full, then adding new entries forces the oldest entries to move to the soft cache.

Soft Reference Size

The maximum number of query results to keep soft references to. Entries in the hard reference cache, when forced out due to space limitations, are moved to the soft reference cache, if it is enabled. If the soft reference cache is full, adding new entries will force the soft reference cache to drop existing entries. If the SoftReferenceSize is set to -1 (its default value), then its size is unlimited. The soft reference cache may be disabled by setting its size to 0. The Java garbage collector may exercise its option to clear the soft reference cache at any time.

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