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Persistence Unit: Data Source Configuration

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This page shows attributes related to both the transactional and non-transactional data sources of a persistence unit.

The JNDI name is not validated when you configure a persistence unit via the console. This allows you to create the data source later. Your application's persistence implementation is responsible for validating the datasource at runtime.

Note: The content of this page changes depending on if you are implementing Oracle Kodo or a 3rd party persistence provider.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Use External Jta Data Source

Flag that specifies to use the JTA data source specified below.

Use External Non-Jta Data Source

Flag that specifies the non-managed data source specified below.

Jta Data Source JNDI Name

The JNDI name of the DataSource enlisted in the current JTA transaction.

Non-Jta Data Source JNDI Name

The JNDI name for an unmanaged DataSource.

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