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Deployments: Web Applications: Configuration: Logging

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In this page, you define the configuration of the log file associated with this Web application module.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Enable Logging

Specifies whether to enable logging for this Web application.

Log File Name

The name of the file that stores current log messages.

Rotation Type

Criteria for moving old log messages to a separate file.


When the log file reaches the size in KB that you specify in File Size Limit, the application renames the file as FileName.n.


At each time interval that you specify in Time Span, the application renames the file as FileName.n.


There is no management of log rotation for this Web application. Messages accumulate in a single file.

Number of Files Limited

Indicates whether to limit the number of log files that the application creates to store old messages.

File Count

The maximum number of log files that the application creates when it rotates the log. This number does not include the file that the application uses to store current messages.

File Size Limit

The file size in kilobytes that triggers the application to move log messages to a separate file.

Rotate Log on Startup

Specifies whether the application rotates its log file during its startup cycle.

Log Rotation Directory

The directory where the rotated log files will be stored. By default the rotated files are stored in the same directory where the log file is stored.

Time Span

The interval (in hours) at which the application saves old log messages to another file.

Rotation Time

Determines the start time (hour, in 24-hour format, and minute) for a time-based rotation sequence.

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