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Store-and-Forward Agents: Monitoring: Remote Endpoints: JMS Message Detail

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Use this page to view the contents of a JMS message.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Message ID

Identifies a message sent by a JMS provider.

Delivery Mode

Specifies whether the message is PERSISTENT or NON_PERSISTENT.


Specifies the message type.

Provided to accommodate diverse JMS providers. WebLogic JMS does not restrict the use of this message field.

Correlation ID

Specifies an identifier used to correlate messages.


Specifies the time at which the message was sent.

WebLogic JMS set the time stamp in a message when it accepts a message for delivery, not when the application sends the message.


Specifies the expiration, or time-to-live value for a message.


Specifies the priority level of a message.

JMS defines 10 priority levels, 0 to 9, with 0 being the lowest priority. Levels 0 - 4 indicate graduations of normal priority, levels 5 - 9 indicate graduations of expedited priority.


Indicates a message is redelivered because no acknowledge was received.

Delivery Time

Specifies the earliest absolute time at which a message can be delivered to a consumer.

Redelivery Limit

Specifies the number of times the system attempts to deliver a message if the initial attempt fails.


Specifies the property fields of a message, typically used by JMS as message selectors.


The message body.

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