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SNMP Control

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This page displays all SNMP agents in the domain that are currently running.

Use this page to select the SNMP agents for which you want to invalidate cached SNMP credentials.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The active WebLogic Server instance that is hosting a server SNMP agent, or, for the domain-scoped SNMP agent, the name of the domain. Only agents that are currently running cache credentials.

MBean Attribute:


Indicates whether this SNMP agent is running.

MBean Attribute:

Failed Authentications

The number of requests that this agent has rejected because of incorrect user credentials.

MBean Attribute:

Failed Authorizations

The number of requests that this agent has rejected because an authenticated user does not have sufficient privileges to view the requested information. You use the WebLogic Server security realm to assign privileges to users.

MBean Attribute:

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