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SNMP Security

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This page summarizes the credential mappings that all SNMP agents in the current domain use to secure SNMPv3 communication.

If you want to use both authentication passwords and privacy passwords to secure communication, you must create two entries on this page for each user.

A credential map correlates a WebLogic Server user with a set of SNMP credentials (an SNMP user name and an authentication password or optional privacy password). The user name is the common piece of data that creates the correlation.

For each mapping, a WebLogic Server SNMP agent combines its engine ID with the credentials in the map to form an SNMP key. When the agent receives a request from an SNMP manager, the agent compares its keys with the key in the request. If it finds a match, the agent asks the WebLogic Server security realm to authenticate the user. It then asks the security realm if the user is authorized to access the information that it is requesting.

An SNMP agent also sends its keys in SNMPv3 responses and notifications.

Column Display

Name Description
WLS User

The name of a user that has been defined in a WebLogic Server security realm and that has been defined by an SNMP manager.

SNMP Password Type

The type of SNMP password that this entry in the map contains.

You must specify an authentication password for each user name. You can optionally specify an additional privacy password.

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