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Custom DBMS Authenticator: Provider Specific

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Use this page to define the provider specific configuration for this DBMS Authentication provider.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Plaintext Passwords Enabled

Specifies whether plain text passwords are allowed to be used.

MBean Attribute:

Data Source Name

The name of the JDBC data source used for database access.

MBean Attribute:

Group Membership Searching

Specifies whether recursive group membership searching is unlimited or limited. Valid values are unlimited and limited.

MBean Attribute:

Max Group Membership Search Level

This specifies how many levels of group membership can be searched. This setting is valid only if Group Membership Searching is set to limited. Valid values are 0 and positive integers. For example, 0 indicates only direct group memberships will be found, a positive number indicates the number of levels to go down.

MBean Attribute:

Plugin Class Name

Specifies the name of a class that implements the interface. The class must exist in the CLASSPATH. Required. No default value.

MBean Attribute:

Plugin Properties

Defines configuration properties for the specified plug-in class. The property names are defined by the plug-in class. Optional. No default value.

MBean Attribute:

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