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LDAP Security Realm: General

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Use this page to configure the LDAP security realm. The LDAP security realm supports the use of Open LDAP, Netscape iPlanet, Microsoft Site Server, or Novell NDS LDAP servers.

When using the LDAP security realm, you must configure a Caching realm. When configuring the Caching realm, choose the LDAP security realm as the Basic realm. The Basic attribute defines the association between the Caching realm and the LDAP security realm.

To use the LDAP security realm, you need to use Compatibility security. The use of the LDAP security realm is deprecated in this release of WebLogic Server.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of this LDAP V1 realm.

Realm Class Name

The name of the Java class that implements the LDAP security realm.

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