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LDAP Security Realm: LDAP Server

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Use this page to configure the LDAP server used by the LDAP Compatibility security realm.

To use the LDAP security realm, you need to use Compatibility security. The use of the LDAP security realm is deprecated in this release of WebLogic Server.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The location of the LDAP server.

Change the URL to the name of the computer on which the LDAP server is running and the number of the port at which the LDAP server is listening. If you want WebLogic Server to connect to the LDAP server using the SSL protocol, use the SSL port of the LDAP server in the server URL.


The distinguished name of the LDAP user that WebLogic Server uses to connect to the LDAP server.

This user must be able to list LDAP users and groups.


The password that authenticates the LDAP user defined in the Principal field.

This password is automatically encrypted.

Enable SSL

Specifies whether the SSL protocol is used to protect communications between the LDAP server and WebLogic Server.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Disable this attribute if the LDAP server is not configured to use the SSL protocol.
  • If you set the User Authentication attribute to external, this attribute must be enabled.
Auth Protocol

The type of authentication used to authenticate the LDAP server.

Set the attribute to one of the following:

  • None for no authentication.
  • Simple for password authentication.
  • CRAM-MD5 for certificate authentication.

Netscape Directory Server supports CRAM-MD5. Microsoft Site Server and Novell NDS support simple.

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