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Domain: Compatibility Security: Passwords

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This page allows you to define the password settings for this WebLogic Server domain.

WebLogic Server provides a set of attributes to protect user accounts from intruders. By default, these attributes are set for maximum protection. As a system administrator, you have the option of turning off all the attributes, increasing the number of login attempts before a user account is locked, increasing the time period in which invalid login attempts are made before locking the user account, and changing the amount of time a user account is locked. This page applies to WebLogic Server deployments using Compatibility security. Remember that changing the attributes on this page lessens security and leaves user accounts vulnerable to security attacks.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Minimum Password Length

The minimum number of characters required for any password in this WebLogic Server domain.

Lockout Enabled

Specifies whether this WebLogic Server domain tracks invalid login attempts and takes appropriate action.

(The remaining fields on this page are relevant only if you check this box.)

Lockout Threshold

The number of failed logins (between 1 and 99999) that can be tried for a user before their account is locked.

Lockout Duration

The number of minutes (between 0 and 999999) that a user's account remains inaccessible after being locked.

Lockout Reset Duration

The number of minutes (between 0 and 999999) within which invalid login attempts must happen in order for the user's account to be locked.

Lockout Cache Size

The size of the cache (between 1 and 99999 kilobytes) used for invalid login attempts.

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