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Preferences: Shared Preferences

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You can configure some features of the Administration Console by setting preferences.

Use this page to specify preferences that will be in effect for all users who log in to the Administration Console to manage the current domain.

Only users who are in the Admin security role can modify the preferences on this page.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Management Operation Timeout

The number of seconds that the Administration Console waits for a management operation to complete.

Almost all actions in the Administration Console involve connecting to one or more MBean servers and invoke MBean server methods. This timeout preference specifies how long the Administration Console will wait for the method invocation to complete. If the invocation does not complete (return) within the timeout period, the Administration Console abandons its invocation attempt. Not all pages are constrained by this preference.

Follow Configuration Changes

Attempt to redirect the console to follow changes in the Administration Server's ports, channels, and security settings which may affect the console operation.

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