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Preferences: User Preferences

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You can configure some features of the Administration Console by setting preferences.

Use this page to specify preferences that will be in effect only for your user account and only in the current domain.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Show Inline Help

Determines whether inline help appears for forms.

File Browser Start

Determines the directory the deployment file browser starts in.

Remember Last Used Path

Causes the deployment file browser to remember the last path used to install an application before selecting an application. If there are no recently used paths, deployment file browser uses the path from File Browser Start. If File Browser Start is blank, deployment file browser uses the domain directory as the base path.

Paths To Remember

Indicates how many recently used paths should be retained in file browsers for easy reuse.

Show Advanced Sections

Causes advanced form sections to be displayed by default.

Refresh Interval

The frequency (in seconds) at which the Refresh icon polls a resource and updates the display.

Some monitoring pages in the Administration Console provide a Refresh icon. If you click on this icon, the Administration Console periodically polls the resource and updates the display. For example, the Server: Monitoring: Performance page provides this feature.

Ask for confirmation in operations

By default, confirmation for operations is asked in a production domain but not in a development domain. Use this setting to change this default behavior.

Warn If User Holds Lock

Causes a warning message to be issued when a user logs out, indicating that the user is currently the owner of the domain configuration lock.

Activation Timeout

The time(in seconds) after which an activation task should timeout. Value of -1 indicates the task will not timeout. 0 indicates asynchronous activation. Default value is 300 seconds.

Warn User Before Taking Lock

Causes a warning message to be issued when a user attempts to take the domain lock, indicating that another user is currently the owner of the domain configuration lock.

Automatically Acquire Lock and Activate Changes

Automatically acquire the lock that enables configuration editing and automatically activate changes as the user modifies, adds and deletes items (for example, when the user clicks the Save button). This feature is not available in production mode.

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