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Remote Tuxedo Access Points: General

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Use this page to define the general configuration of a remote Tuxedo access point that will be used with this WTC Service.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Access Point

The unique name used to identify this remote Tuxedo access point. This name should be unique for all local and remote Tuxedo access points defined within a WTC Service. This allows you to define unique configurations having the same Access Point ID.

MBean Attribute:

Access Point ID

The connection principal name used to identify this remote Tuxedo access point when attempting to establish a session connection to local Tuxedo access points.

MBean Attribute:

Local Access Point

The local domain name from which this remote Tuxedo domain is reached.

MBean Attribute:

Network Address

The network address and port number of this remote Tuxedo access point.

Specify the address in one of the following formats:

  • TCP/IP address in the format //hostname:port_number or //#.#.#.#:port_number.

  • SDP address in the format sdp://hostname:port_number or sdp://#.#.#.#:port_number.

  • If the hostname is used, the access point finds an address for hostname using the local name resolution facilities (usually DNS). If dotted decimal format is used, each # should be a number from 0 to 255. This dotted decimal number represents the IP address of the local machine. The port_number is the TCP/SDP port number at which the access point listens for incoming requests.

  • If SDP format address is specified, the transport protocol for this access point is SDP instead of TCP. This feature is only available when WTC and Tuxedo domain gateway are both deployed on Oracle Exalogic platform. Requires Tuxedo 11gR1PS2 and higher.

MBean Attribute:

Federation URL

The URL for a foreign name service that is federated into JNDI.

Note: The Weblogic Tuxedo Connector can federate to non-CORBA service providers.

Note: If this value is not specified, the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector:

  • Assumes there is a CosNaming server in the foreign domain.

  • Federates to the CosNaming server using TGIOP.

MBean Attribute:

Federation Name

The context at which this remote Tuxedo access point federates to a foreign name service. If omitted, the default federation point is

MBean Attribute:

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