Tag advanced-form

Generates a standard HTML form (as specified by an XSLT template) in an "Advanced" section of the document. Users can toggle the visibility of this section by clicking on a link that this tag also renders. This tag is only valid when nested in a <wl-extension:form> tag.

Tag Information
Tag Class com.bea.console.taglib.html.AdvancedFormTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

bundletruetruejava.lang.String Identifies the message bundle that contains localized properties. Properties files for this bundle must be located in /WEB-NF/classes and be named 'bundle-value'[_'locale'].properties.
showseparatorlinefalsetruejava.lang.String Specifies that the Administration Console renders a horizontal line above the "Advanced" section.
labelidfalsetruejava.lang.String ??The key for a property that defines the localized text to display as the button name. ??? determines in which property file the Administration Server searches for this property.

No Variables Defined.

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