Tag form

Generates a standard HTML form as specified by the <wl-extension:template> tag. This tag is valid only when nested in <wl-extension:template>.

<wl-extension:form action="/CoreServerServerControlStartstopUpdated"

        <wl-extension:checkbox property="serverControlStartstop.IgnoreSessionsDuringShutdown"
                 inlineHelpId="core.server.servercontrolstartstop.ignoresessionsduringshutdown.label.inlinehelp" />

        <wl-extension:text property="serverControlStartstop.GracefulShutdownTimeout"
                 inlineHelpId="core.server.servercontrolstartstop.gracefulshutdowntimeout.label.inlinehelp" />

        <wl-extension:text property="serverControlStartstop.startupTimeout"
                 inlineHelpId="core.server.servercontrolstartstop.startuptimeout.label.inlinehelp" />


Tag Information
Tag Class com.bea.console.taglib.form.ConsoleFormTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

actiontruetruejava.lang.String The path of a Struts action to invoke when a user submits this form. The Struts controller assumes that this action is in the same Struts module as the action that loaded the form. For a read-only form, specify the action path of the action that loaded the form.
namefalsetruejava.lang.String The name of a form bean that contains properties for this form. By default, this value is set to the name of the ActionForm bean that was passed to the HTTPRequest from the Struts Action. Only specify this attribute if you want to use a form bean other than the one that is associated with the Action. The form bean that you specify can be in any scope that is available to the JSP. If you use this attriubte, you must also use the "type" attribute.
typefalsetruejava.lang.String The package name and class name of the form bean that you have named in the "name" attribute. For example, com.mycompany.MyActionForm. This attribute is valid only if you also use the "name" attribute.
htmlnamefalsetruejava.lang.String Overrides the default HTML control name for this control. The default value is the name of the form bean that this tag is using. Use this attribute if both of the following are true: 1. Your JSP contains multiple tables and forms or a combination of both, 2. Your <wl-extension:table> tags specify "controlsEnabled=true" or "customize=true".
readOnlyfalsetrueboolean A value of "true" makes this form permanently read-only, even if a user starts an edit session and has permission to modify data in the form>.
dependentfieldsfalsetrueboolean Not supported for public use.
readOnlyFieldsfalsefalseboolean Not supported for public use.
objectfalsetruejava.lang.String Not supported for public use.

No Variables Defined.

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