Tag option

Generates an HTML option tag, which defines one item in a selection list. You can use the key, locale, and bundle attributes to enable localized values; however the Administration Console sets localized values in the body of the <wl:option/> tag: <wl:option value="value"> Localized text, either hardcoded or from a <fmt:message/>,etc.. </wl:option> This tag is valid only when nested in <wl-extension:select>.

Tag Information
Tag Class com.bea.console.taglib.form.OptionTagAdapter
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

valuetruetruejava.lang.String The value that will be passed to the form if a user selects this item.
bundlefalsetruejava.lang.String Identifies the message bundle that contains localized properties. Properties files for this bundle must be located in /WEB-NF/classes and be named 'bundle-value'[_'locale'].properties
disabledfalsetruejava.lang.String Displays the item but prevents users from selecting it, suggesting that the item is not applicable in the current context.
keyfalsetruejava.lang.String The key for a property in a message bundle that defines the text to display as the option name. The bundle attribute determines in which bundle the JSP tag searches for this property.
localefalsetruejava.lang.String Overrides the locale that the Struts session object specifies. The locale value is used to determine which properties file in the message bundle contains the key value. For example: mybundle_locale.properties.
stylefalsetruejava.lang.String CSS styles to render as inline styles for this HTML tag.
styleIdfalsetruejava.lang.String The HTML ID for this tag, rendered as an HTML id="" attribute.
styleClassfalsetruejava.lang.String The name of a CSS class to render for this HTML tag. This tag assumes that you have created a CSS stylesheet that contains styles for this class.

No Variables Defined.

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