Tag reflecting-fields

Generates an HTML input tag for each property in a form bean. For example, for a bean property that contains a java.lang.String, the tag generates a text control; for a boolean, it generates a checkbox. This tag uses the default form bean, which is passed to the JSP in the request. The tag supports two optional nested tags: <wl-extension:included-attribute>, which generates form tags only for the specified properties and ignores all others in the bean; <wl-extension:excluded-attribute>, which generates form tags for all properties in the bean except for the ones listed in this nested tag. This tag is valid only when nested in <wl-extension:form>.

<wl-extension:reflecting-fields >
          <wl-extension:included-attribute name="Name" />
          <wl-extension:included-attribute name="Description" />
          <wl-extension:included-attribute name="Version" />
          <wl-extension:included-attribute name="RequireUnanimousPermit" />

Tag Information
Tag Class com.bea.console.taglib.form.ReflectingFormFieldsTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

orderfalsetruejava.lang.String ??

No Variables Defined.

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