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Generates an HTML table that can contain a button bar and one or more columns. To insert a button bar, include a nested <wl-extension:button-bar>. For each column that you want in the table, include a nested <wl-extension:column>. To populate the table with data: 1. The <wl-extension:table> tag's "name" attribute specifies a Struts form bean and its "property" attribute specifies a property that contains a collection of row beans. 2. The <wl-extension:table> tag selects a row bean from the collection, then it iterates over its nested <wl-extension:column> tags. 3. Each <wl-extension:column> tag contains a "property" attribute, which specifies which property of the current row bean to render. The Administration Console uses this tag to present a list of configured resources and a set of buttons for working with the resources. For example, this is the type of table that lists all SNMP monitors in a domain and provides buttons for creating new monitors or deleting existing ones.

	   	<wl-extension:table name="genericTableForm"

         <wl-extension:button-bar-button labelid="button.delete.label" portlet="SnmpMonitorsDeleteSNMPJMXMonitorPortlet" pageLabel="SnmpMonitorsDeleteSNMPJMXMonitor"/>

	  <wl-extension:column property="Name" label="snmp.snmpjmxmonitor.table.label.name">
		<wl-extension:column-link portlet="SNMPMonitorDispatcherPortlet">
		  <render:pageUrl pageLabel="SNMPMonitorDispatcherPage"/>
	  <wl-extension:column property="Type" label="snmp.snmpjmxmonitor.table.label.type"/>
	  <wl-extension:column property="MonitoredMBeanType" label="snmp.snmpjmxmonitor.table.label.monitoredmbeantype"/>
	  <wl-extension:column property="MonitoredMBeanName" label="snmp.snmpjmxmonitor.table.label.monitoredmbeanname"/>
	  <wl-extension:column property="MonitoredAttributeName" label="snmp.snmpjmxmonitor.table.label.monitoredattributename"/>
	  <wl-extension:column property="PollingInterval" label="snmp.snmpjmxmonitor.table.label.pollinginterval"/>

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.bea.console.taglib.html.TableTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

nametruetruejava.lang.String The name of the Struts form bean that contains properties for this table. Use the "property" attribute to specify which property this table renders. By default, this value is also used for the HTML <table name=""> attribute.
propertytruetruejava.lang.String The property of the form bean that contains a collection of row beans. Use the "name" attribute to specify the form bean that contains the property.
bundletruetruejava.lang.String Identifies the message bundle that contains localized properties. Properties files for this bundle must be located in /WEB-NF/classes and be named 'bundle-value'[_'locale'].properties.
htmlnamefalsetruejava.lang.String Overrides the default HTML control name for this control. The default value is the name of the form bean that this tag is using. Use this attribute if both of the following are true: 1. Your JSP contains multiple tables and forms or a combination of both, 2. Your <wl-extension:table> tags specify "controlsEnabled=true" or "customize=true".
controlsEnabledfalsetrueboolean Specifies that the table contains a button bar whose contents is defined in a nested <wl-extension:button-bar> tag.
singlechangefalsefalseboolean Specifies whether a user must start a WebLogic Server edit session before being able to use the button bar. Specify "true" only if this control modifies an attribute in a WebLogic Server MBean. The default value is "true."
showCheckboxesfalsetrueboolean Inserts a column at the beginning of each table row. The column contains a check box whose value is determined by the "checkBoxValue" attribute of this tag.
checkboxnamefalsetruejava.lang.String The name of a property in a table bean that contains an Array of values. The Array contains one element for each checkbox that is selected when the user submits the form (table). By default, the Administration Console assumes that you have defined a property named "chosenContents" in your table bean and uses this property to store the Array. Use this "checkboxname" attribute only if you want to specify a different name for the property.
checkBoxValuefalsetruejava.lang.String The name of a property in the table's row bean whose value is posted when a user selects a checkbox and submits the form (table). For example, if you specify "handle", when a user selects a checkbox for row 1, this tag retrieves the value of the "handle" attribute in row bean 1 and sets it as an Array element in the table bean's chosenContents property (unless you have used the "checkboxname" attribute of this tag to specify a different name for the table bean's property).
singlechoicefalsefalseboolean Specifies whether radio buttons or checkboxes are rendered for table rows. A value of "true" renders radio buttons and allows only a single selection. A value of "false" renders checkboxes and enables multiple selections.
captionEnabledfalsetrueboolean Specifies that the table is immediately preceded by a text string whose contents is defined in a nested <wl-extension:caption> tag. You can use a caption to provide a parameterized title for the table.
tableCaptionfalsetruejava.lang.String The key for a property that defines the localized text to display as the caption for this table.
pageSizefalsetrueint The default number table rows to display by default.
rowPrimaryColorfalsetruejava.lang.String This attribute is deprecated. Use CSS to style tables.
rowSecondaryColorfalsetruejava.lang.String This attribute is deprecated. Use CSS to style tables.
showheadingsfalsefalseboolean Specifies that all table columns display their headings as defined in the "label" attribute of the <wl-extension:column> tag.
customizefalsefalseboolean Renders a control immediately above the table that enables users to customize the information that the table displays. The Administration Console provides a default JSP to render the customization controls.
customizerfalsetruejava.lang.String Overrides the default customization JSP with a JSP that you have created. The path must be relative to the root of the portal Web application.
externalfilterfalsetrueboolean With a value of "true", the contents of this table can be filtered by users who customize the table view. The "customizer" attribute of this tag specifies a JSP that defines the filtering. With a value of "false", the filtering criteria will not be included in the table customization provided by this tag.
actionfalsetruejava.lang.String Not supported for public use.
actionParamfalsetruejava.lang.String Not supported for public use.
permissionfalsetruejava.lang.String Not supported for public use.
objectfalsetruejava.lang.String Not supported for public use.
bundletruetruejava.lang.String Identifies the message bundle that contains localized properties. ??How does WLS find a properties file based on the value of this attribute? Is it 'bundle-value'.properties?
initialsortcolumnfalsetruejava.lang.String Specifies that column to sort on when the table is first displayed.
initialsortorderfalsetruejava.lang.String Specifies that order (ascending = 1, descending = 2) to sort on when the table is first displayed.
noitemsmsgfalsetruejava.lang.String The key of the message to display when there are no items in the table.
chosenpropertyfalsetruejava.lang.String The name of the property containing a set of items to preselect.
encodeNeededfalsetrueboolean Determines if the column values need XSS encoding. It can be overridden for each column. A cell renderer is free to ignore this setting.

No Variables Defined.

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