Tag template

Identifies the XSLT template that will be used to transform the output of a JSP tag as an HTML form. All JSP tags in this library initially output XML; the template that you specify determines how the XML is transformed into HTML.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.bea.console.taglib.html.TemplateTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

nametruefalsejava.lang.String The path and file name for the XSLT template file. The path must start from the root of the portal Web application. You can create your own XSLT stylesheet or use one of the following: "/WEB-INF/templates/form.xml" to create a form that matches Administration Console configuration pages (such as Domains: Configuration: General); "/WEB-INF/templates/assistant.xml" to create a form that matches Administration Console assistants; "/WEB-INF/templates/tablePreferences.xml" to create a form that matches pages used to customize table displays in the Administration Console.

No Variables Defined.

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