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Class TokenSubstitutionExtendedAdapter

  extended by oracle.dss.dataView.TokenSubstitutionAdapter
      extended by oracle.dss.dataView.TokenSubstitutionExtendedAdapter
All Implemented Interfaces:
TokenSubstitution, BaseTokenSubstitution

public class TokenSubstitutionExtendedAdapter
extends TokenSubstitutionAdapter

This class supports replaceable text in a text component. This class maintains a list of items that can be chosen from the "Insert" drop-down list in the Title UI panel. The items are localizable strings. For example, "Dimension" is a list item. For each list item, this class also maintains the following:

Field Summary
protected  ViewPrinter m_viewprinter
Fields inherited from class oracle.dss.dataView.TokenSubstitutionAdapter
ALL, date, DATE, DATE_KEY, dim_mem, DIM_MEM_KEY, dimension, DIMENSION, DIMENSION_KEY, DIMENSION_MEMBER, m_dataview, m_item, m_locale, m_variable, member, MEMBER, MEMBER_KEY, page, PAGE, PAGE_KEY, time, TIME, TIME_KEY
Constructor Summary
TokenSubstitutionExtendedAdapter(ViewPrinter printer, int item)
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String getParsedKey(java.lang.String subStr)
          given a key return the parsed string
Methods inherited from class oracle.dss.dataView.TokenSubstitutionAdapter
_init, getKey, getKeyString, getListItems, getParsedString, getToken, getTokenString, localizeVariablesArray, setLocale, updateResourceBundle
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected ViewPrinter m_viewprinter
For internal use only. Application developers should not use this
Constructor Detail


public TokenSubstitutionExtendedAdapter(ViewPrinter printer,
                                        int item)

printer - The ViewPrinter for which this adapter provides token substitution support.
item - the items that needs to be supported by this adapter Constants are listed in the See Also section
See Also:
TokenSubstitutionAdapter.DIMENSION, TokenSubstitutionAdapter.MEMBER, TokenSubstitutionAdapter.DIMENSION_MEMBER, TokenSubstitutionAdapter.DATE, TokenSubstitutionAdapter.TIME, TokenSubstitutionAdapter.PAGE, TokenSubstitutionAdapter.ALL
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String getParsedKey(java.lang.String subStr)
Description copied from class: TokenSubstitutionAdapter
given a key return the parsed string

getParsedKey in class TokenSubstitutionAdapter

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