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Class FileContentRecognizer

  extended by oracle.ide.model.Recognizer
      extended by oracle.ide.model.AbstractFileContentRecognizerTemplate
          extended by oracle.ide.model.FileContentRecognizer

public class FileContentRecognizer
extends AbstractFileContentRecognizerTemplate

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class oracle.ide.model.AbstractFileContentRecognizerTemplate
AbstractFileContentRecognizerTemplate.ContentToLookFor, AbstractFileContentRecognizerTemplate.FileContentRule
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class oracle.ide.model.Recognizer
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 MetaClass<? extends Node> recognizeAsMeta( url)
          This method allows gets the MetaClass of a recognized Node.
Methods inherited from class oracle.ide.model.AbstractFileContentRecognizerTemplate
fileFrom, recognizeURL
Methods inherited from class oracle.ide.model.Recognizer
canConvert, create, findRecognizer, getClassForExtension, getContentTypeForExtension, getDeclarativeExtensionToClassMap, getDeclarativeExtensionToContentTypeMap, getDefaultNodeType, getDefaultNodeTypeAsMeta, getDefaultRecognizer, getDocumentInfo, getDocumentInfo, getDocumentInfoForDeclarativeEntries, getExtensionToClassMap, getExtensionToContentTypeMap, getLogger, isXmlExtension, mapExtensionToClass, mapExtensionToContentType, mapExtensionToXML, recognize, recognizeURL, recognizeURL, recognizeURLAsMeta, recognizeURLAsMeta, registerConversion, registerDocumentInfo, registerLowPriorityRecognizer, registerRecognizer, registerRecognizer, sanitizeExtension, setDefaultRecognizer, validate
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public FileContentRecognizer()
Method Detail


public MetaClass<? extends Node> recognizeAsMeta( url)
Description copied from class: Recognizer
This method allows gets the MetaClass of a recognized Node. This is useful for cases in which the classloader of a metaclass is not the same as the real classloader of the node class. It may also be useful, for cases when we need to get the MetaClass of a recognized node without initializing the node extensions.

recognizeAsMeta in class Recognizer
url - unique URL identifying the document.
the Node type as a MetaClass object.

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11g Release 2 (


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