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Uses of Class

Packages that use View
oracle.ide Contains classes that allow addins access to the IDE integration objects. 
oracle.ide.ceditor The Code Editor package contains the code editing implementation of the JDeveloper IDE. 
oracle.ide.docking Contains interfaces and classes responsible for the dockable behavior provided by JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.editor Contains classes and interfaces that allow addins to add their own specialized editors to JDeveloper. 
oracle.ide.explorer Contains the interfaces and classes addins use to provide a structured view of data contained in nodes displayed in a navigator or an editor. 
oracle.ide.inspector Contains interfaces and classes that integrators may use to make their objects editable from the property inspector. 
oracle.ide.keyboard Defining your default accelerators 
oracle.ide.layout Contains interfaces and classes addins can implement or extend to provide preferred layouts for their own specialized editors. 
oracle.ide.log Contains the interfaces and classes that allow addins to provide their own log pages. 
oracle.ide.navigator Contains classes providing navigator support. 
oracle.ide.palette2 Contains interfaces and classes that allow for palette integration. 
oracle.ide.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE runner system. 
oracle.jdeveloper.merge Contains classes for merge editor abstractions, including an editor addin, commands, a controller, and utilities. 
oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi Contains extension-level service provider interfaces for version control system integraton. 

Uses of View in oracle.ide

Methods in oracle.ide that return View
protected  View IdeMainWindow.createIdeMainWindowView()
 View IdeMainWindow.getIdeMainWindowView()
abstract  View IdeMainWindow.getLastActiveView()
          Gets the last active view.
 View Context.getView()
          Provides a reference to the View associated with this Context.

Methods in oracle.ide that return types with arguments of type View
abstract  java.util.List<View> IdeMainWindow.getVisibleViews()

Methods in oracle.ide with parameters of type View
 java.util.List IdeMainWindow.ControllerContext.getControllerProviders(View view)
          This methods get a list of ControllerProvider based on a view.
 java.lang.String TitleProvider.getTitle(View activeView)
          Returns the titlebar text to use.
static Context Context.newIdeContext(View view)
          Returns a Context initialized with the active Workspace, its active Project, the specified View, and the selection of the specified View.
static Context Context.newIdeContext(View view, java.util.EventObject event)
          Calls #newIdeContext(oracle.ide.addin.View), sets the specified EventObject as the event, and returns the resulting Context.
abstract  void IdeMainWindow.registerView(View view)
          Register a view for participation in active view handling.
 void Context.setView(View view)
          Set a reference to the View to be associated with this Context.
abstract  void IdeMainWindow.unregisterView(View view)
          Unregister a view from participation in active view handling.

Constructors in oracle.ide with parameters of type View
Context(View view, Workspace workspace, Project project, Node node)

Uses of View in oracle.ide.ceditor

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.ceditor
 class CodeEditor
          The CodeEditor is the integration layer between the IDE and the editor components to provide a code editor inside the IDE.
 class CodeEditorGutter.GutterView
          Deprecated. Use CodeEditorGutterView
 class CodeEditorGutterView
          The CodeEditorGutter has its own view in order to support the context menu properly.

Methods in oracle.ide.ceditor that return View
 View CodeEditorGutter.getCodeEditorGutterView()

Uses of View in oracle.ide.controller

Methods in oracle.ide.controller that return View
protected  View IdeAction.ControllerIterator._getView()

Methods in oracle.ide.controller with parameters of type View
 void ToolbarManager.installToolbar(java.lang.String toolbarId, Toolbar toolbar, View view)
          Deprecated. Use ToolbarManager.registerOnDemandToolbar(String, Toolbar, View) and ToolbarManager.unRegisterOnDemandToolbar(String, Toolbar)
static IdeAction IdeAction.newLocalAction(int cmdId, View view)
          Creates a new local IdeAction for the specified cmdId and for the specified View.
 IdeAction IdeAction.newLocalAction(View view)
          Creates a new local IdeAction for the specified View.
 void ToolbarManager.registerOnDemandToolbar(java.lang.String toolbarId, Toolbar toolbar, View view)
          Registers a toolbar defined in an extension manifest to get on-demand updates as extensions are initialized.

Uses of View in oracle.ide.controls.elementtree

Constructors in oracle.ide.controls.elementtree with parameters of type View
ElementTreeViewAdapter(View view, Element rootElement)

Uses of View in oracle.ide.docking

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.docking
 class DockableView
          This interface is the bridge between the Dockable interface docking system and the View interface.
 class DockableWindow
          This class is the bridge between the Dockable interface docking system and the View interface.
 class DrawerDockableWindow
 class DrawerWindow

Methods in oracle.ide.docking that return View
 View BaseDockableFactory.lookupView(ViewId viewId)
 View DrawerWindow.undecorateIfNecessary(DockableWindow dockable)
 View[] DockableDragContext.views()

Methods in oracle.ide.docking that return types with arguments of type View
 java.util.List<View> DrawerWindow.drawerViews()

Methods in oracle.ide.docking with parameters of type View
 void DrawerWindow.activate(View view, boolean whetherToActivate)
          Activates/Deactivates given View (Drawer)
 void DrawerWindow.addDrawer(View view, DrawerConfig config)
 void DrawerWindow.expand(View view)
 void DrawerWindow.expand(View view, double ratio)
 boolean DrawerWindow.expanded(View view)
 void DrawerWindow.hide(View view)
 void DrawerWindow.minimize(View view)
 void DrawerWindow.removeIfPresent(View view)
 void DrawerWindow.restore(View view)
 void view)
 boolean DrawerWindow.showing(View view)
 void DrawerWindow.togglePanelsWithoutAnimation(View toExpand, View toCollapse)
 void DockableDragContext.views(View... views)

Method parameters in oracle.ide.docking with type arguments of type View
 void DrawerWindow.togglePanelsWithAnimation(java.util.List<View> toExpand, java.util.List<View> toCollapse)
 void DrawerWindow.togglePanelsWithAnimation(java.util.List<View> toExpand, java.util.List<View> toCollapse)
 void DrawerWindow.togglePanelsWithoutAnimation(java.util.List<View> toExpand, java.util.List<View> toCollapse)
 void DrawerWindow.togglePanelsWithoutAnimation(java.util.List<View> toExpand, java.util.List<View> toCollapse)

Constructors in oracle.ide.docking with parameters of type View
DockableView(View decorated)
DockableWindow(View decorated)
          Only for decorator pattern.
DockableWindow(View owner, java.lang.String viewId)
DrawerWindow(java.lang.String viewId, View decorated, Controller controller, DrawerWindowConfig config)
DrawerWindow(java.lang.String viewId, View decorated, DrawerWindowConfig config)

Uses of View in oracle.ide.editor

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.editor
 class AbstractEditor
          Deprecated. The Editor hierarchy has been collapsed
 class AbstractFlatEditor
          Deprecated. The Editor hierarchy has been collapsed
 class AsynchronousEditor
          Base editor template for editors that load the UI model on a thread off the event dispatch thread.
 class Editor
          Editors such as code, gui, html editors should implements the Editor interface.
 class FlatEditor
          Deprecated. The Editor hierarchy has been collapsed

Uses of View in oracle.ide.explorer

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.explorer
 class AbstractTreeExplorer
          Provides a base class for tree explorer implementations.
 class Explorer
          The Explorer class provides the API for getting a GUI representation of the structure for a given Context.
 class ExplorerWindow
 class TreeExplorer
          The TreeExplorer interface defines the API for managing the nodes in the navigator and explorer trees.

Methods in oracle.ide.explorer with parameters of type View
abstract  Explorer ExplorerManager.getExplorerForHost(View host, Context context)
          Gets the Explorer associated with the specified host for the given context.
 void Explorer.setOwner(View host)
          Set the View which is to act as the host of this Explorer.
 void AbstractTreeExplorer.setOwner(View host)
abstract  boolean ExplorerManager.supportsStructure(View view)
          Returns true if the argument View supports exploring of its data.

Uses of View in oracle.ide.inspector

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.inspector
 class InspectorWindow
          The InspectorWindow is a View consisting of a Toolbar area, a main body area and a status area.

Methods in oracle.ide.inspector with parameters of type View
 void InspectableViewRegistry.registerDetractor(View view)
          Registers the given view to disable inspection by the Property Inspector.
abstract  boolean InspectorManager.supportsInspection(View view)
          Check if the specified View supports inspection of the selected elements in its Context.

Method parameters in oracle.ide.inspector with type arguments of type View
 void InspectableViewRegistry.registerDetractor(java.lang.Class<? extends View> viewType)
          Registers the given type as a view that should not be inspected by the Property Inspector.
 void InspectableViewRegistry.registerSupporter(java.lang.Class<? extends View> viewType)
          Registers the given type as a view that can be inspected by the Property Inspector.

Uses of View in oracle.ide.keyboard

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.keyboard
 class KeyboardDockable

Uses of View in oracle.ide.layout

Methods in oracle.ide.layout that return View
 View LayoutListener.getView(ViewId id)
 View Layouts.getView(ViewId id)
 View AbstractLayoutListener.getView(ViewId id)

Methods in oracle.ide.layout with parameters of type View
 void LayoutListener.addView(ViewId id, View view)
 void Layouts.addView(ViewId id, View view)
 void AbstractLayoutListener.addView(ViewId id, View view)
 void LayoutListener.removeView(View view)
 void AbstractLayoutListener.removeView(View view)

Uses of View in oracle.ide.log

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.log
 class AbstractLogPage
          The AbstractLogPage is a convenience class that should be extended by integrators that need to add their own LogPage to the LogWindow.
 class DefaultLogPage
          This implementation of LogPage supports the logging of simple text messages as well as Collection message objects.
 class LogWindow
          The LogWindow is the dockable view responsible for managing log pages.
 class MessagePage
          The MessagePage class provides a log page based on a text area.

Methods in oracle.ide.log that return View
 View LogOwner.getLogOwnerView()
          Returns the View that backs this LogOwner.
 View AbstractLogPage.getLogPageView()
 View LogPage.getLogPageView()
          Returns the View implementation backing this LogPage.

Uses of View in oracle.ide.navigator

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.navigator
 class NavigatorWindow
          NavigatorWindow interface provides the API for managing the contents of a navigator window tree.
 class ProjectNavigatorWindow

Uses of View in oracle.ide.palette2

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.palette2
 class PaletteWindow
          The PaletteWindow class is the Component Palette View.

Methods in oracle.ide.palette2 that return View
 View PaletteConsumer.getConsumerView()
          Returns a client view to which the palette will add itself as a view listener.

Uses of View in oracle.ide.runner

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.runner
 class RunLogPage
          The RunLogPage class is the LogPage used for a running process.

Uses of View in oracle.ide.view

Subclasses of View in oracle.ide.view
 class AbstractPinnable
          AbstractPinnable implements the Pinnable interface as it applies to a DockableWindow which is capable of responding to changes in selection in the active View as well as changes of the active View from one View to another.
 class ViewDecorator
          Base decorator object for View implementations.

Methods in oracle.ide.view that return View
protected  View ViewDecorator.getDecorated()
 View ActiveViewEvent.getNewView()
 View ActiveViewEvent.getOldView()
protected  View AbstractPinnable.getPinnedView()
          Get the View whose selection is currently the source displayed within this DockableWindow.
 View ViewStateEvent.getView()
 View ViewSelectionEvent.getView()
          Returns the View whose selection has changed.
 View ViewEvent.getView()
          Get the View whose state has changed.
 View ViewDecorator.getViewWithoutDecoration()
 View View.getViewWithoutDecoration()
          Returns the View without any decorators.
 View View.owner()
          Get the owning View.

Methods in oracle.ide.view with parameters of type View
protected abstract  boolean AbstractPinnable.isViewSupported(View view)
          Determine whether or not the given View is one that is considered interesting by this Pinnable.
static void View.loadManifestToolbar(java.lang.String toolbarId, Toolbar toolbar, View view)
          Deprecated. Use ToolbarManager.registerOnDemandToolbar(String, Toolbar, View)
protected  void ViewDecorator.setDecorated(View decorated)
protected  void ViewDecorator.setOwner(View owner)
protected  void View.setOwner(View owner)
protected  void AbstractPinnable.setPinnedView(View view)
          Set the View whose selection should be displayed within this DockableWindow.

Constructors in oracle.ide.view with parameters of type View
ActiveViewEvent(java.lang.Object source, View oldView, View newView)
ViewDecorator(View decorated)
          Creates a ViewDecorator.
ViewEvent(View view, int id)
ViewSelectionEvent(View view)
          Creates a ViewSelectionEvent whose selection is initialized to the View's current selection.

Uses of View in oracle.ideri.navigator

Subclasses of View in oracle.ideri.navigator
 class oracle.ideri.navigator.DefaultNavigatorWindow

Uses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.merge

Subclasses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.merge
 class AbstractMergeEditor
          Deprecated. replaced by DynamicMergeEditor.
 class BaseMergeEditor
 class BaseTextMergeEditor
 class DynamicMergeEditor
 class TextMergeEditor
          Textual merge editor specialization class.

Uses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist

Subclasses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist
 class ChangeListWindow
          A dockable view containing a ChangeList instance.

Uses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.generic

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.generic with parameters of type View
protected  boolean ActionCommand.isChangeListAction(View view, VCSProfile profile)
          Determines whether or not this action has originated from a ChangeList containing view.

Uses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.nav

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.nav with parameters of type View
static boolean ConnectionProvider.isVersioningConnectionView(View view)

Uses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi

Subclasses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi
 class VCSExplorer

Uses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.versionhistory

Subclasses of View in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.versionhistory
 class VersionHistoryViewer

Uses of View in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log

Subclasses of View in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log
 class AuditLogPage
          An Audit results log page.

Uses of View in

Subclasses of View in

Uses of View in oracle.jdevimpl.history

Subclasses of View in oracle.jdevimpl.history
 class oracle.jdevimpl.history.HistoryViewer

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