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Uses of Class

Packages that use Metric
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer The base classes for writing analyzers. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service The API classes for invoking Audit programatically, and a few Audit common API classes. 

Uses of Metric in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer that return Metric
 Metric[] Analyzer.getMetrics()
          Deprecated. Use in extension.xml.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer with parameters of type Metric
 void metric, float measurement)
          Reports a float-valued measurement for the current construct.
 void metric, int measurement)
          Reports an int-valued measurement for the current construct.
 void metric, java.lang.Object measurement)
          Reports a measurement for the current construct.

Uses of Metric in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service that return Metric
 Metric AuditModel.getColumn(int index)
          Gets the column at an index.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service with parameters of type Metric
 int AuditModel.getColumnIndex(Metric column)
          Gets the index of a column.
 void AuditListener.valueReported(Auditor auditor, Location location, Metric metric, java.lang.Object newValue)
          Reports an Auditor value reported event.

Method parameters in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service with type arguments of type Metric
 void AuditModelListener.auditStarted(AuditModel model, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, java.lang.Object root, java.lang.Class type)
          Reports that an audit has started on this model.
 void AuditListener.auditStarted(Auditor auditor, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, Location root, java.lang.Class type)
          Reports an Auditor audit started event.

Uses of Metric in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core

Subclasses of Metric in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core
 class CountColumn
          A model count column for Audit results.
 class SeverityColumn
          A rule severity column for Audit results.

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core that return Metric
 Metric DefaultAuditModel.getColumn(int index)

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core with parameters of type Metric
 int DefaultAuditModel.getColumnIndex(Metric column)
 void metric, float measurement)
 void metric, int measurement)
 void metric, Location location, java.lang.Object measurement)
 void metric, java.lang.Object measurement)
 void DefaultAuditModel.valueReported(Auditor auditor, Location location, Metric metric, java.lang.Object newValue)

Method parameters in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core with type arguments of type Metric
 void CountColumn.auditStarted(AuditModel model, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, java.lang.Object root, java.lang.Class type)
 void SeverityColumn.auditStarted(AuditModel model, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, java.lang.Object root, java.lang.Class type)
 void DefaultAuditModel.auditStarted(Auditor auditor, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, Location root, java.lang.Class type)
 void ProfileBinding.bind(java.util.Collection<TypeDefinition<Analyzer>> analyzerDefinitions, boolean disableAssists, java.util.Set<java.lang.String> disableAnalyzers, java.util.Collection<Rule> rules, java.util.Collection<Metric> metrics, boolean forceAndVerify)
          Creates the analyzer and bean instances for the bound profile.
 void ProfileBinding.enabledBeans(Analyzer analyzer, java.util.Collection<Rule> rules, java.util.Collection<Metric> metrics)
protected  void AbstractAuditModel.fireAuditStarted(java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, java.lang.Object root, java.lang.Class type)

Uses of Metric in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log

Method parameters in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log with type arguments of type Metric
 void AuditTreeTableModel.auditStarted(AuditModel model, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, java.lang.Object root, java.lang.Class type)
 void AuditLogPage.auditStarted(AuditModel model, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.util.List<Location> locations, java.lang.Object root, java.lang.Class type)
 void AuditLogPanel.auditStarted(AuditModel model, java.util.List<Metric> columns, java.lang.Object root)

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11g Release 2 (


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