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Uses of Class

Packages that use Severity
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer The base classes for writing analyzers. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service The API classes for invoking Audit programatically, and a few Audit common API classes. 

Uses of Severity in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer

Fields in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer declared as Severity
static Severity Severity.ADVISORY
static Severity Severity.ASSIST
static Severity Severity.CONVENTION
          Deprecated. use ADVISORY
static Severity Severity.ERROR
static Severity Severity.INCOMPLETE
static Severity Severity.SUGGESTION
          Deprecated. use ADVISORY or ASSIST
static Severity Severity.VIOLATION
          Deprecated. use ADVISORY
static Severity Severity.WARNING

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer that return Severity
 Severity Rule.getSeverity()
          Gets the severity of this rule.
static Severity Severity.valueOf(java.lang.String string)

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer with parameters of type Severity
 boolean Severity.isWorseThan(Severity severity)
 void Rule.setSeverity(Severity newValue)

Uses of Severity in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.extension

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.extension that return Severity
 Severity RuleDefinition.getSeverity()

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.extension with parameters of type Severity
 void RuleDefinition.setSeverity(Severity severity)

Uses of Severity in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service that return Severity
 Severity AuditModel.getSeverity(java.lang.Object row)
          Gets the worst severity of the issues contained by a row of this model, or null if none.

Uses of Severity in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core that return Severity
 Severity DefaultAuditModel.getSeverity(java.lang.Object row)

Uses of Severity in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.log with parameters of type Severity
 boolean SeverityFilter.isVisible(Severity severity)
 void SeverityFilter.setVisible(Severity severity, boolean visible)

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11g Release 2 (


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