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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: OpenMP API User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Introducing the OpenMP API

1.1 Where to Find the OpenMP Specifications

1.2 Special Conventions

2.  Compiling and Running OpenMP Programs

3.  Implementation-Defined Behaviors

4.  Nested Parallelism

5.  Tasking

6.  Automatic Scoping of Variables

7.  Scope Checking

8.  Performance Considerations

A.  Placement of Clauses on Directives


Chapter 1

Introducing the OpenMP API

The OpenMP Application Program Interface (API) is a portable, parallel programming model for shared memory multimultithreaded architectures, developed in collaboration with a number of computer vendors. The specifications were created and are published by the OpenMP Architecture Review Board.

The OpenMP API is the recommended parallel programming model for all Oracle Solaris Studio compilers on Oracle Solaris platforms.