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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3: OpenMP API User's Guide     Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Information Library
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1.  Introducing the OpenMP API

2.  Compiling and Running OpenMP Programs

3.  Implementation-Defined Behaviors

4.  Nested Parallelism

5.  Tasking

6.  Automatic Scoping of Variables

7.  Scope Checking

8.  Performance Considerations

8.1 Some General Performance Recommendations

8.2 False Sharing And How To Avoid It

8.2.1 What Is False Sharing?

8.2.2 Reducing False Sharing

8.3 Oracle Solaris OS Tuning Features

A.  Placement of Clauses on Directives


Chapter 8

Performance Considerations

Once you have a correct, working OpenMP program, consider its overall performance. This chapter describes some general techniques that you can utilize to improve the efficiency and scalability of an OpenMP application.

The Oracle Solaris Studio portal posts occasional articles and case studies regarding performance analysis and optimization of OpenMP applications at