E Timeout Values for Enterprise Manager Components

Table E-1 describes the timeout values for Enterprise Manager components.

Table E-1 Time Out Values for Enterprise Manager Components

Component Description Timeout Value (in minutes) Command

Apache timeout

Number of seconds that an Apache session is kept active.

If Apache timeout is set beyond the operating system TCP timeout, it will cause unpredictable results. The operating system timeout is set to 2 hours by default.

5 mins by default

Run the following command:

$ omsvfy show tcp 
Parameters Incoming                 Value
tcp_keepalive_time                        7200
tcp_keepalive_intvl                         75
tcp_fin_timeout                             60

OMS timeout or Login timeout

This is the oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime parameter that can be set per OMS. To prevent unauthorized access to the Cloud Control, Enterprise Manager will automatically log you out of Cloud Control when there is no activity for a predefined period of time. For example, if you leave your browser open and leave your office. This default behavior prevents unauthorized users from using your Enterprise Manager administrator account.

If you make changes to the login timeout value, be sure to consider the security implications of leaving your session open for other than the default timeout period.

Note: The default timeout value does not apply when you restart the Web server or the OMS. In both of those cases, you will be asked to log in to the Cloud Control Console, regardless of the default timeout value.

45 min by default

Run the following command: emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime -value time_in_minutes -module emoms

Then, restart OMS for the value to take effect.

ADF timeout

This is controlled by the variable oracle.adf.view.rich.poll.timeout. The variable applies to pages that have auto poll. ADF pages may be enabled with automatic poll. After a page does not receive any keyboard or mouse event for duration of oracle.adf.view.rich.poll.timeout variable, then the poll stops. From that point on, the page participates in the standard server-side session timeout.

10 min