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What's Changed in this Guide?

Part I Monitoring and Managing Targets

1 Enterprise Monitoring

2 Discovering, Promoting, and Adding Targets

3 Using Incident Management

4 Using Notifications

5 Using Blackouts

6 Managing Groups

7 Using Administration Groups

8 Using Monitoring Templates

9 Using Metric Extensions

10 Advanced Threshold Management

11 Utilizing the Job System and Corrective Actions

Part II Administering Cloud Control

12 Maintaining Enterprise Manager

13 Maintaining and Troubleshooting the Management Repository

14 Updating Cloud Control

15 Configuring a Software Library

16 Managing Plug-Ins

17 Patching Oracle Management Service and the Repository

18 Patching Oracle Management Agents

19 Personalizing Cloud Control

20 Starting and Stopping Enterprise Manager Components

21 Enterprise Manager Command Line Utility Commands

22 Locating and Configuring Enterprise Manager Log Files

23 Configuring and Using Services

24 Introducing Enterprise Manager Support for SNMP

Part III Security

25 Configuring Security

Part IV Generating Reports

26 Using Information Publisher

27 Creating Usage Tracking Reports

Part V Accessing Enterprise Manager via Mobile Devices

28 Remote Access To Enterprise Manager

Part VI Configuring Enterprise Manager for High Availability

Part VII Appendixes

A Interpreting Variables of the Enterprise Manager MIB

B Enterprise Manager MIB Definition

C SNMP Trap Mappings

D Overview of Target Availability States