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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is available in multiple editions, each suitable for different development and deployment scenarios. Oracle also offers several Enterprise Manager options that enhance the capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager for specific application requirements. Oracle Enterprise Manager Licensing Information provides information on these optional products.

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What's Changed

This table provides a brief overview of the document changes for the latest publication of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Licensing Information Guide:

Part Number Change Summary
E24474-39 Updated the document title to be Licensing Information User Manual.

Added the create_dbprofile verb to Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack Licensed CLI Verbs.

Updated the Enterprise Manager Restricted-use License list.

Updated the format for Appendix A, "Third-Party Licenses," and Appendix B, "Third-Party Licenses for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center."

E24474-38 Clarified the data dictionary views for Oracle Diagnostics Pack.

Clarified the Data Masking Definitions for Accessing Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack Licensed Links and for Accessing Oracle Data Masking Pack Licensed Links

Updated the Snap Clone description and licensed EMCLI verbs for the Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database.

Updated the Third-Party Licenses for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.

E24474-37 Added/updated features and restricted-use licensing for Management Pack Plus for Identity Management.

Added/updated features for Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Updated versions for Appendix A, "Third-Party Licenses."

E24474-36 Minor editorial updates.
E24474-35 Added the In-Memory Advisor feature to the Oracle Tuning Pack.
E24474-34 Minor editorial updates.
E24474-33 Updated Management Pack Plus for Identity Management Features to include supported features for Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

Updated the Features of Management Pack for WebCenter in Chapter 3, "Oracle Middleware Enterprise Management."

Updated the following sections in Chapter 9, "Cloud Management":

Minor content updates for the Accessing Oracle Real User Experience Insight Licensed Links section.

Added a new Software Standardization Advisor feature to the Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database.

Added Apache HTTP Server support content for System Monitoring Plug-Ins for Non-Oracle Middleware.

Added Jettison 1.0 to Appendix A, "Third-Party Licenses."

Minor typographical edits for Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite.

E24474-32 Added Rapid Home Provisioning for Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack Features section.
E24474-31 Removed the minimal license requirements from the Application Performance and Regression Testing chapter.
E24474-30 Added a new Rapid Home Provisioning feature to the Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database.
E24474-29 Added two new "legacy" sections:

Updated the Disaster Recovery via Site Guard feature's note to specify either WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition or Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database are required. Also, added this feature to the Configuration Management Pack for Applications.

Added an Index chapter at the end of the document.