5.3. Removing the Plug-in

If necessary, you can remove the Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI entirely from the Oracle Enterprise Manager system.

Removing the Oracle VDI Plug-in from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository:

  1. Log on to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console: https://myserver.example.com:7803/em.

  2. In the Setup menu in the top-right corner, select Extensibility, and then select Self Update.

    The Self Update home page is displayed.

  3. Click the Plug-in folder.

    The Plug-in Updates table is displayed.

  4. In the table, select the Oracle VDI Plug-in.

    Figure 5.2. Removing the Oracle VDI Plug-in from the Repository

    The image shows the Oracle Enterprise Manager Self Update home page. This page contains a sub-section for plug-ins, and from this Plug-in Updates list the Oracle VDI Plug-in can be deleted. With this delete command the plug-in is removed from the Oracle Enterprise Manager Repository.

  5. In the Actions menu, select Delete.

    A confirmation window is displayed.

  6. Click Delete to confirm that you wish to delete the plug-in.

    A message is displayed to confirm that the plug-in has been deleted.

  7. Click OK.

The Oracle VDI Plug-in has been uninstalled from your Oracle Enterprise Manager system.