5.2. Undeploying the Plug-in

When you undeploy the Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle VDI, you disable Oracle Enterprise Manager's capabilities to monitor Oracle VDI targets. For detailed steps to undeploy the plug-in, see the "Plug-in Manager" chapter in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator's Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/plugin_mngr.htm#CJGEFADI.

The following is a summary of the process to follow:

  1. Undeploy the plug-in from a Management Agent.

    Once you have undeployed the plug-in from the Management Agent, you can undeploy it from the Management Server.

  2. Undeploy the plug-in from a Management Server (OMS).

    The OMS no longer has the capabilities to manage targets of the type Oracle VDI Center, or any of its associated Oracle VDI targets.

  3. Optionally, remove the plug-in from the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository.

    See Section 5.3, “Removing the Plug-in”.