4 Creating Siebel Service Targets

This chapter provides procedures for the following topics:

Creating Siebel Application Services

To create Siebel application services, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Targets menu of the Enterprise Manager Console, select Siebel.

  2. Click the Services tab, and then click Add.

    The Create Siebel Application Services page appears, as shown in Figure 4-1.

  3. In the Test Credentials section, specify the Siebel service test credentials.

  4. Click Add on the Webserver Hosts tab, to add Webserver hosts.

  5. Click Add on the Beacons tab, to add existing beacons.

    You can define the beacons that will monitor this service hierarchy by clicking the check boxes located in the Key Beacons column. Additionally, you can create, add, or delete beacons by using the Add, Create, and Delete buttons. If your Siebel deployment includes High Interactivity applications, such as Call Center, add only the Windows beacons.

  6. Click Add.

    The progress page notifies you when the Siebel application services are created.

Figure 4-1 Create Siebel Application Services Page

Shows sample data for Create Siebel Application Services

Adding a Siebel Service for a Siebel Application

Before proceeding, note the following advisory information:

  • If the application you are recording uses ActiveX objects, pre-load the objects into your Internet Explorer browsers. To do this, log into the application, then log out of the application before starting your recording. You need to do this for each desktop where you want to record, as well as each beacon that is to monitor the transaction you are recording.

  • For High Interactive (HI) applications, you must use Internet Explorer and perform the recording of the transactions in the Windows environment.

  • If you are defining a service for an HI application, when the transactions page appears during the configuration process, select the Beacon Running in Windows option.

To add a Siebel service for a Siebel application, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Targets menu of the Cloud Control console, select Siebel.

  2. Select Services.

  3. For Siebel Service Type, select the type of the Siebel service that you want to add, and for Siebel Enterprise, select the Siebel Enterprise to which you want to add the Siebel service.

  4. Click Create.

The Configuration Wizard appears and leads you through the configuration steps.

To make the newly added service visible at the Siebel tab:

  1. Select the Targets menu, and then select Siebel.

  2. From the Services tab, select Application Services.

  3. Select the appropriate aggregate service and click Configure.

  4. From the Subservices section of the page, click Add, and select the newly added service.

    The newly added service is visible on the Siebel home page.

Removing a Siebel Service from a Siebel Hierarchy

To remove a Siebel service from an existing Siebel hierarchy:

  1. From the Targets menu, select Siebel.

  2. From the Services tab, Select the Siebel service you want to remove and click Remove.

    The Siebel service is now removed.