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Sun Storage 16 Gb Fibre Channel PCIe Universal Host Bus Adapter, QLogic Installation Guide For HBA Model 7101674

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Updated: August 2018

Perform a One-Time Firmware Update For FC SR-IOV Support

CR 19725764


  • Operating System: Oracle Solaris

  • Operating Protocol Mode: CNA and HBA

  • Environment: Universal HBA installed in a SPARC system, requiring FC SR-IOV functionality


If you have installed the universal HBA in a SPARC system that requires Fibre Channel (FC) Single Root-I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV), or FC SR-IOV, support, you must update the universal HBA firmware to version 7.03.00, at minimum. You only need to perform this FC SR-IOV-specific firmware update one time. For future firmware updates, you can return to the usual firmware update procedure, as described in Updating the Universal HBA Firmware.


Perform the one-time, FC SR-IOV firmware update:

  1. Go to the Oracle support area of the QLogic web site at:


  2. Search for the universal HBA by using the HBA part number (7101674).

  3. Navigate to the Boot Code table, and locate the Multi-Boot Image Update Kit for Universal part-number (7101674) HBA.

  4. Click the update kit name to save the installation file to your local file system.

  5. Click the Read Me link, and follow the installation instructions in the Read Me file.