A Troubleshooting Product Packaging

This appendix discusses how to troubleshoot:

A.1 Failure During the Check Mastering Items Step

When mastering the CD, the process fails during the Check Mastering Items step.

A.1.1 Solution

This step is a manual build; it must be performed manually. Highlight the step and select Execute Step from the View exit menu. After the step is executed, click Master CD and then proceed.

A.2 Failure to Build the Feature INF File

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Packaging mastering process fails at the build step Copy Package and Feature INFs - report R9600400E. Because features are a part of the Package Build process, update packages do not build feature INF files.

A.2.1 Solution

If features are included in the chosen update package, be sure that the Feature INF files were created previously.

A.3 Failure to Copy Change Tables

No change tables (for instance, F960004 and F960005) exist in the XML database, and the jde.log file lists several errors indicating that it cannot find these tables in the Control tables. This problem indicates that the change tables do not exist in the mastering environment.

A.3.1 Solution

Verify that the tables exist and are set up correctly in the mastering environment.

A.4 Failure to Copy Custom Tables

Custom tables were not copied to the XML database, even though these tables were included in the update package and exist in the environment that the package is built from. This problem is an indication that the source environment that is specified in Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Change Table Configurator is not set up correctly or that the table exists in that environment.

A.4.1 Solution

Verify that the specified environment is valid and has tables associated with the environment, and that the custom table cannot be found in that environment.

A.5 Unable to Find Product Package After Installation

After you run the install manager to install the Software Master on the new system, the product package is not listed in Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software Updates application. This error occurs because the package name does not match the product package name.

A.5.1 Solution

Remaster the Software Master and ensure that the update package name is the same as the product package name. Also, make sure that you have Oracle's latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Planner update installed.

A.6 Problems with Object Librarian Records

A potential problem exists for objects that belong to a project in the original system that was created with a SAR that contains an alpha character. This problem would be evident if you try to enter that project after installation on the destination system.

A.6.1 Solution

After the package is installed on the destination deployment server, open the created JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Packaging XML database and modify the F9861 table. In the SIMSAR column, make sure that no records have alpha characters for values. Change all alpha characters to 0.