Build Configuration File

Configurable settings in a text file that are used by a build program to generate ANT scripts. ANT is a software tool used for automating build processes. These scripts build published business services.


Tables of information in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne that appear on forms in the software.

check-in repository

A repository for developers to check in and check out business service artifacts. There are multiple check-in repositories. Each can be used for a different purpose (for example, development, production, testing, and so on).

control tables merge

A process that blends a customer's modifications to the control tables with the data that accompanies a new release.

embedded event rule

An event rule that is specific to a particular table or application. Examples include form-to-form calls, hiding a field based on a processing option value, and calling a business function. Contrast with the business function event rule.

Location Workbench

An application that, during the Installation Workbench process, copies all locations that are defined in the installation plan from the Location Master table in the Planner data source to the system data source.

messaging server

A server that handles messages that are sent for use by other programs using a messaging API. Messaging servers typically employ a middleware program to perform their functions.

Object Librarian Merge

A process that blends any modifications to the Object Librarian in a previous release into the Object Librarian in a new release.

Package Workbench

An application that, during the Installation Workbench process, transfers the package information tables from the Planner data source to the system-release number data source. It also updates the Package Plan detail record to reflect completion.


Found on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne menus, a selection represents functions that you can access from a menu. To make a selection, type the associated number in the Selection field and press Enter.


The process of converting an object or data into a format for storage or transmission across a network connection link with the ability to reconstruct the original data or objects when needed.

Specification merge

A merge that comprises three merges: Object Librarian merge, Versions List merge, and Central Objects merge. The merges blend customer modifications with data that accompanies a new release.

vocabulary override

An alternate description for a data dictionary item that appears on a specific JD Edwards EnterpriseOne form or report.

web application server

A web server that enables web applications to exchange data with the back-end systems and databases used in eBusiness transactions.

workgroup server

A server that usually contains subsets of data replicated from a master network server. A workgroup server does not perform application or batch processing.