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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Administrator's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2.2)

Part Number E23427-01
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Source Types

A collection of information is called a source. Each source has a type that identifies where the information is stored, such as on a Web site or in a database table. Oracle SES provides several built-in source types and an architecture for adding new types.

Additionally, Oracle SES provides access to more third-party data repositories than any other enterprise search engine, without requiring you to generate any additional coding. While these data sources are classified as user-defined source types, they are available as the built-in source types. This guide organizes these user-defined source types into content management sources, collaboration sources, and applications sources.

Oracle SES also provides authorization cache sources for facilitating access to secure data.

Built-in Sources 

Content Management Sources 

You may need to install client libraries and obtain a license from the vendor for some content sources to work. For example, EMC Documentum requires installation of a compatible version of Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC), which is a Java library, on the computer running Oracle SES. Oracle SES does not ship with DFC.

Collaboration Sources 

Oracle Applications Sources 

Authorization Sources 

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