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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Administrator's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2.2)

Part Number E23427-01
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Supporting Failover in Oracle RAC

To support failover in Oracle RAC, you must change the database connection string in the credential store from a physical database node to a service representing multiple physical database nodes.

See Also:

"Introduction to Automatic Workload Management" in the Oracle Real Application Clusters Administration and Deployment Guide

To change the database connection string in the Credential Storage Framework: 

  1. Open a connection to the computer where Oracle Fusion Middleware is installed.

  2. Go to MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin.

  3. Start the WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell.

    • For Linux and UNIX platforms, enter

    • For Windows, enter wlst.cmd.

  4. Enter this command at the wls/offline> prompt:

    connect ()
  5. Enter your WebLogic user name in response to the user-name prompt.

  6. Enter your WebLogic password in response to the password prompt.

  7. Enter the WebLogic server URL in response to the server URL prompt. For example, t3://localhost:7234.

  8. Enter this command in response to the wls:domain_name/serverConfig> prompt:


    Where connect_string is the new database connection string, which uses the easy connect naming method in this format:


    For example:

    updateCred("","search_database","", "search")