19.6. Enabling SSL

The default SSL certificate created from the VMware View Manager installation must be replaced in order to enable the VMware View connector to connect to the system. The following steps assume that you have generated and stored a new certificate on the VMware View Connection server. Refer to VMware View Manager documentation for more details.

  1. Export the certificate from the keystore on the VMware View Connection server:

    # keytool -export -keystore keys.p12 -storetype pkcs12 -file vmware.cer
  2. Copy the vmware.cer file to the Sun Ray server.

  3. Import the certificate into a keystore on the Sun Ray server:

    # keytool -import -file vmware.cer -trustcacerts -v -keystore \
  4. Edit the kiosk script (/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/vdm/vdm) and modify the line that begins with javaKeyStorePass= to include the password for the keystore.

  5. Restart the Sun Ray server via the Admin GUI.


The administrator may choose to import the certificate into the default keystore of the server's Java installation instead of following steps 3 and 4. If this is done, the kiosk script must be modified and all references to javaKeyStore and javaKeyStorePass should be removed.