4.4. Custom Service Menu

When configuring the Citrix XenDesktop connector, you can use the -M option to add menu items to the existing Options menu. New menu items can provide users access to important applications, such as a web browser or a support tool.

You can customize the service menu through the /opt/SUNWsrxc/etc/services.csv file, where you need to provide a single line of three arguments for each additional menu items. An example for providing a Firefox menu item is show below:

# "App Name","App Exec","App Icon”

Here are descriptions for the three arguments. All arguments must be enclosed in parentheses and separated by a comma.

Some applications require a window manager to operate properly, which means you must create an additional script to run the application. You then need to point the "App Name" field to the script instead of the application executable. The following example shows a script to run Firefox in a window manager, which enables the user to enter text into the browser:

# !/bin/sh

# Start a window manager
metacity &

# Start Firefox

# Kill window manager once Firefox exits
pkill -9 -u $USER metacity