4.5. User Login Process with Sun Ray Software

The following procedure describes the user login process when the Citrix XenDesktop connector is configured with Sun Ray Software.

  1. Log in to a Sun Ray Client or Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

    The Desktop Login screen is displayed requesting credentials for the Citrix XenDesktop Web Interface Server.

    Figure 4.1. Desktop Login Screen

    Screenshot showing the Desktop Login dialog box prompting the user to log in to the Citrix XenDesktop server.

    The Options menu enables you to specify the following settings:

    • Screen Resolution - Sets the screen resolution for the session.

    • Language - Sets the language displayed for the Desktop Login screen and the Available Desktops screen.

  2. Enter your login information and click Log In.

    The Available Desktops screen is displayed.


    If there is only one virtual desktop configured for you, the Available Desktops screen does not display and you are automatically logged into your desktop.

    Figure 4.2. Available Desktops Screen

    Screenshot showing the Available Desktops dialog box prompting the user to select a desktop from the Citrix XenDesktop server.

  3. Click the name of the desktop to access the desktop.

    You are logged in to the virtual Windows desktop.


    You can restart the desktop by clicking the restart button on the right side of the desktop entry.


    If the connection to the virtual desktop fails after a disconnection just occurred on the virtual desktop, try again. It takes a few minutes for a virtual desktop to become available after disconnecting from the Citrix XenDesktop connector, even though the Available Desktops screen shows that the virtual desktop is available. Do not restart the virtual machine because of this problem, because you may loose unsaved data.