Installation Configuration

Before you configure Oracle NoSQL Database, you should determine the following parameters for each Storage Node in the store:

Once you have determined this information, configure the installation:

  1. Create the initial "boot config" configuration file using the makebootconfig utility. You should do this on each Oracle NoSQL Database node. You only need to specify the -admin option (the Admin Console port) on the node which hosts the initial Oracle NoSQL Database administration processes. (At a later point in this installation procedure, you deploy additional administration processes.)

    To create the "boot config" file, issue the following commands:

    > mkdir -p KVROOT     (if it does not already exist)
    > java -jar KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar makebootconfig -root KVROOT \
                                                      -port 5000 \
                                                      -admin 5001 \
                                                      -host <hostname> \
                                                      -harange 5010,5020 \
                                                      -capacity 1 \
                                                      -num_cpus 0 \
                                                      -memory_mb 0
  2. Start the Oracle NoSQL Database Storage Node Agent (SNA) on each of the Oracle NoSQL Database nodes. The SNA manages the Oracle NoSQL Database processes on each node. You can use the start utility for this:

    nohup java -jar KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar start -root KVROOT&
  3. Verify that the Oracle NoSQL Database processes are running using the jps -m command:

    > jps -m
    29400 ManagedService -root /tmp -class Admin -service
    BootstrapAdmin.13250 -config config.xml
    29394 StorageNodeAgentImpl -root /tmp -config config.xml
  4. Ensure that the Oracle NoSQL Database client library can contact the Oracle NoSQL Database Storage Node Agent (SNA) by using the ping command:

    > java -jar KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar ping -port 5000 -host node01

    If SNA is running, you see the following output:

    SNA at hostname: node01, registry port: 5000 is not registered.
    No further information is available

    This message is not an error, but instead it is telling you that only the SN process is running on the local host. Once Oracle NoSQL Database is fully configured, the ping option has more to say.

    If the SNA cannot be contacted, you see this instead:

    Could not connect to registry at node01:5000
    Connection refused to host: node01; nested exception is: Connection refused

If the Storage Nodes do not start up, you can look through the adminboot and snaboot logs in the KVROOT directory in order to identify the problem.

You can also use the -host option to check an SNA on a remote host:

> java -jar KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar ping -port 5000 -host node02
SNA at hostname: node02, registry port: 5000 is not registered.  No
further information is available 

Assuming the Storage Nodes have all started successfully, you can configure the KVStore. This is described in the next chapter.


For best results, you should configure your nodes such that the SNA starts automatically when your node boots up. How this is done is a function of how your operating system is designed, and so is beyond the scope of this manual. See your operating system documentation for information on automatic application launch at bootup.