A Quick Reference Codes for A/R

This appendix contains these topics:

A.1 Menus

Menu Description
G03 Accounts Receivable
G0311 Customer and Invoice Entry
G0312 Manual Receipts Processing
G0313 Automatic Receipts Processing
G0314 Accounts Receivable Reports
G0315 Credit and Collection Management
G0321 Periodic Processes
G0322 Statement and Reminder Processing
G0331 Advanced and Technical Operations
G0341 Accounts Receivable Setup

A.2 Payment Status Codes

Code Description
A Approved for payment
P Paid in full

A.3 Payment Hold Types

Code Description
H Hold/Pending Approval
R Retainage
D Draft Accepted

A.4 Terms of Payment

Code Description
Blank Net 30
1 1/10, Net 30
5 Split Payment (50/50)
A Due on the 10th of the next month
D Due upon receipt
R Due 1st of next month

A.5 Original Document Types

Code Description
RI Invoice
RR Recurring Invoice
RB Chargeback Invoice
RM Credit Memo
RU Unapplied Receipt
RF Finance Charge
RW Balance Forward

A.6 Matching Document Types

Code Description
RC Receipt
RA Adjustment
RO Void Receipt
RV Non-Sufficient Funds
RQ Chargeback Amount
RS Spread of Unapplied Receipt
RG Receivable Gain/Loss
RE Void of Invoice