22 Approve and Post Receipts

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From Accounts Receivable (G03), choose Manual Receipts Processing

From Manual Receipts Processing (G0312), choose Receipts Journal Review

Depending on the requirements of your organization, you might not need to approve receipts before posting.

22.1 Reviewing and Approving Receipts for Posting

After entering receipts, you can verify their accuracy before posting them to the general ledger. You can:

  • Review a list of batches

  • Review detail within a batch

  • Approve a batch of receipts for posting

All JD Edwards World journal review programs work in the same way. The one for receipts displays a batch type of R (receipts).

Receipts journal information is maintained in the following tables:

  • Batch Control (F0011)

  • A/R Ledger (F0311)

  • Account Ledger (F0911)

22.1.1 Before You Begin

  • Set the A/R constant for management approval of input, if necessary.

Figure 22-1 Receipts Journal Review screen

Description of Figure 22-1 follows
Description of ''Figure 22-1 Receipts Journal Review screen''

22.2 Posting Receipts

After you review and approve receipts, you must post them to the general ledger. During the post, the system:

  • Selects unposted receipts from the A/R Ledger table (F0311)

  • Edits and verifies each transaction

  • Creates bank deposit records in the Account Ledger table

  • Posts accepted transactions to the Account Balances table (F0902)

  • Creates automatic offsets to A/R offset accounts in the Account Ledger table

  • Marks the transactions as posted in the Account Ledger table (F0911)

All JD Edwards World Post programs work in the same way. The one for receipts has a processing option for batch selection set to R (receipts). You should not change this.

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