42 Calculate High Balance

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42.1 Overview


From Accounts Receivable (G03), choose Credit/Collection Management

From Credit & Collection Management (G0315), choose Calculate High Balance

Calculate High Balance (P03526) calculates the highest open amount total, at the time the program is executed, for each customer, based on the A/R Ledger file (F0311) or the A/R As of file (F0311A). The High Balance (A5AHB) and Date of High Balance (A5DHBJ) fields in the Customer Master file (F0301) will be updated if the current open amount total is greater than the existing High Balance amount for the customer. The two fields, High Balance and Date of High Balance are available for review through Credit Granting & Management (P0305).

There are two methods to calculating the High Balance amount. The default method is the Current Day method, and the alternate method is the As Of method. There are two DEMO versions. The first version is for the Current Day calculation, which has the based on file set to the F0311. The second version is for the As Of calculation, which has the based-on file set to the F0311A, and the processing option set to a '1' to perform As Of processing.

42.1.1 Current Day Method

The Current Day method calculates the current open amount at the time the program is executed. All open amounts in the A/R Ledger file (F0311) for the customer account (RPAN8) are totaled and compared to the High Balance amount (A5AHB) in the F0301. If this current day calculation is greater than the existing amount, then the High Balance amount field will be updated with the new amount and the Date of High Balance field (A5DHBJ) will be updated with the current system date.

The Current Day method requires the user to execute this program daily to ensure accurate daily high balance calculations. It is recommended this program be set up to run as an unattended nightly operation. If this job fails to run for one day, there is no recovery option for the missed processing day.

42.1.2 As Of Method

The As Of method uses the same calculation as the Current Day method, except the As Of work file (F0311A) is used. When using the As Of method, if the calculated open amount is greater than the amount in the High Balance field (A5AHB), the new amount will be updated. The Date of High Balance field (A5DHBJ) will be updated from the As Of Data Area, AR311A.

If the As Of method is set up as an unattended nightly operation, it is recommended that Date File Generation (P03900) be set up also, as this is the program that builds the 'As Of' work file. Date File Generation must complete its processing prior to the Calculate High Balance being executed. If a day's processing is missed when using the As Of method, you need to run Date File Generation for the missed day and rerun the Calculate High Balance program.

42.2 Multi-Currency

When currency processing is activated, the domestic currency of the transaction is compared to the Amount Currency field (A5CRCA) in the Customer Master. If the currency codes are different, the open amount is converted to the Amount Currency. The conversion/exchange rate effective date is based on the current system date when using the Current Day method. The As Of Data Area date is used as the conversion/exchange rate effective date for the As Of method.

Once the amounts are converted and totaled, the total amount is compared to the existing high balance. If the converted total amount is greater, it will replace the existing high balance amount. The Date of High Balance will be updated with the current system date for the Current Day method. The data area AR311A date will be used when using the As Of method.

42.3 Guidelines

Factor Description
Recovery The Current Day method does not have the ability for recovery if a processing day is missed. The As Of method can be recovered. You need to execute Date File Generation (P03900) based on the missed day, and then run Calculate High Balance.
Choose a Method You should choose which method to use for the High Balance calculation and then only use that method. The two processes are using different means of gathering the data. If the two methods are executed or the processes mixed, the highest balance can be misrepresented and/or misleading.
High Balance Date The current system date will be used if the amount is calculated as the replacement for the high balance Current Day method. The AR As Of Data Area date, in AR311A, will be used if the As Of amount for that day will be the replacement for the high balance.
Calculation The calculation for the high balance is simply summing the open amount on all original documents for each customer. The amount will be compared to the current High Balance amount. If the new calculated amount is greater, this amount will be updated to the High Balance field.
Data Selection There are two non-optional fields, which are Payment/Item Document Type and Payment/Item Number. If these two fields are changed, unpredictable results will occur.

Note: Do not change these two data selection fields:

  • Payment/Item Document Type - EQ *BLANKS

  • Payment/Item Number - EQ *ZEROS

Data Sequencing Do not change data sequencing.

42.3.1 Processing Options

See Section 106.10, "Calculate High Balance (P03526)" for more information.